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Blog Redesign

As Managing Editor I oversee content creation, backend engineering, SEO strategy but also design. Working with freelancers and in-house designers I oversaw the redesign of the company's blog.

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Customer Videos

Oversaw the first customer story videos projects with a limited budget using in-house resources at 23andMe. Then put together the first couple of larger shoots until the process was taken over by our marketing team.

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Executive Presentations

On occasion, I help to write and script executive presentations. I've helped to develop important company presentations for events such as UK Wired, JP Morgan, and SXSW.


Customer Stories

I set up the process for collecting customer stories, eventually handing off the work to a full-time story producer. This entailed soliciting stories, vetting customers, interviewing and getting legal consents in place.



Working with the communications team, I I identify important topics for our executives and then write and pitch at least one piece per quarter. During the process I work closely with the executives to ensure that the work reflects their style and point of view.


Ghost Writing

This is an example I can use of my ghost writing. It was an exercise for Google to showcase my ability on deadline.  The assignment was to write for CEO Sundar Pichai announcing an update to Google Assistant, and then another piece for Clay Bavor, Google's Vice President for Virtual Reality, highlighting the company's VR technology.


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